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bisonaide – together for a better life

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Why bisonaide?

In January 2019, Markus Pöhler, Stefan Eichenhofer and Pascal Lacmann founded bisonaire GmbH, an innovative consulting and IT company. It was clear from the start that the focus in a company must also be on people. The success of bisonaire clearly shows: This approach leads to more fun and motivation and therefore to better results.

With the focus on people, the question was how bisonaires could promote innovative projects that directly benefit other people. Direct or indirect. The idea of bisonaide was born. A non-profit company that supports the values of bisonaire and hopefully makes a few people happier and life better.

What is important to us

Make Life Better

When many people commit a part of their time to this goal, tremendous things can be accomplished. The best way to do this is to network with like-minded people and coordinate joint activities.
It’s not about individual organizations standing there as saviors of the world; it’s much more important to maximize impact. That’s why we love working with other institutions and partners that share similar values and goals.

Our base:

  • The appreciation and love for nature, and therefore for human and animal life, is the foundation and motivation for our actions.
  • The basis for our internal and external cooperation are: Authenticity, respect, trust, honesty and transparency.
  • bisonaide is based primarily on voluntary work.
How do we help?

Our mission

We promote, initiate and support initiatives that sustainably improve coexistence and life on our planet. We focus on the areas of education, inclusion / integration, development aid, nature and art / culture.

We are involved within these areas with short- and long-term projects. In addition, we support the projects of other non-profit organizations that are in line with our goals, according to request and possibility.

In our work, we rely primarily on volunteers, whom we support and train as best we can for their task.

Who is responsible for bisonaide?

The management

The two managing directors of bisonaide are Stefan Eichenhofer and Markus Pöhler.

“It is important to us that we can make a difference. By founding bisonaide, we show that we don’t just have words, but also actions.”