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Poverty in Romania

Ana’s story

Mrs. Ana is a 64-year-old woman with mobility disabilities who lives alone in a house with cracked walls that could collapse on her at any time. Having only a monthly income of 30 euros as social aid, she could not afford to pay all the utilities so she had to choose to have water or electricity.
She choose water and the electricity was cut off.
She does her bodily needs in a bucket because she has no toilet.

But what we notice about her is that she keeps her house very clean. She also goes once a week to visit a shop she can hardly reach because of her locomotor problems, and when she has the chance, she gets a piece of blackened fruit or an unsold loaf of bread.

Her vital need besides the water she already has on tap is to be offered a freshly baked loaf of bread that she would probably enjoy very much and again show that someone cares about her.

What is it about?

Bread oven project

In January 2022 … (Local impressions…)

Explain the project ….

Improving the lives of families struggling to survive and giving them the opportunity to get bread every day.
They should also learn to bake their own bread and thus earn their own living.

Where: baking in Cihei (village near Oradea) & handing out in Oradea / Cluj

Who: Change Lives Association charity

How often: 2 times a week

Quantity: 500 bread loaves / month

Target group: 150 poor families from Oradea and surroundings

Estimated cost to start the project:
approx. €17,500 Purchase of oven, stirrer, baking table including accessories
(sheets, brushes, drainpipes, knives, blades)

approx. €1450 running monthly costs for operation

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